Pallas Training is a different kind of facility. We are dedicated to both the student athlete and adults who realize that weight based training is the most direct way to better athletic performance (for student athletes) and a healthier life and body.

For student athletes we focus on the principals of, stronger, quicker, more agile (Yes, you can get bigger and more agile all at the same time!). To achieve this we use weight based training designed for their sport combined with speed and agility training. Every workout is personally directed each session. We will never hand you a sheet typed out in advance for some “canned” work out for you to do. Each workout is designed that day for you based on your current health, what else you are doing outside of our facility and your frequency of workouts. We are dedicated to making you better at your sport.

For adults we focus on muscle tone and strength. Our goal is not to bulk you up or turn you into a power lifter (unless that is what you want). We use weight based training to achieve what most adults lack….muscle tone! We also work on flexibility which adults tend to lose as we get older and that leads to pulled muscles tendon/joint issues. If your want to feel better, look better and decrease your chance for those nagging joint and muscle issues so many adults suffer from, then our program is what you need. We are not a “studio” which are popular these days. All they really do is make you sweat and people confuse sweating with good muscle exercise and that’s not always the same. Sweating through cardio is great for the “piping” but does not address flexibility or muscle tone.

Stop by, talk to us about what you are looking for and gives us a try.



Get your best athletic body ever. Our trainers will build your perfect athletic workout to improve your game, no matter what sport you participate in.

           GROUP FITNESS

Improve your body strength. Join our group weight based or bootcamp style trainings and get in shape fast.